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Phantom Records™ Limited

Originally “re-launched” using Launch Workplaces out of Gaithersburg, Maryland: Phantom was registered as a Maryland LLC on January 29th, 2016.

It was registered as a Nevada Foreign LLC during the Founder’s expansion to Las Vegas.

The name “Phantom Records” was first registered to the Founder way back in 1988, and the logo is and still is based on an Art assignment from high school in 1986.

“Mike,” started DJ-Inga in 1984, and continued registering the same name in the cities, counties, and tax jurisdictions he lived including his present expansion location of Clark County, Nevada were he is addressing cyber-stalking and personal stalking by strangers gathering personal information from third-parties and acting on that in retaliation for sone undisclosed grievance.

“Mike’s” first attempt to bring the perpetrators to Court was unsuccessful due to too many different answers to the same basic questions about “deliberate distractions,” “fake domestic aggression intended to distract and delay,” and defamation in claims of an “marriage engagement” that is on legally-recorded audio as made up to justify the “fake domestic aggression ” against him.

Every time us tired of this pathetic repeat of the same “fake domestic violence scam” that previously succeeded to cost him thousands and is now a scam circling similar communities since. at least 2010.

from unassociated parties because of a disparaged reputation cultivated by former Roommate’s and recently begrudged relatives facing Covid-induced hardships. They tossed those off on to “Mike,” using the common delusion he could absorb the added costs “because he looks lie a million bucks.” He,s tired of hear from that si he’s bringing it to Court to put an end to it.

Supporters, plural, contributed but one “underwrote” everything, apparently, estimating a return without sayimg so. that diesnt happen if that goal is not a secret from the top-down, not “the money upwards,” which is why it didn’t work.

Now that I know (‘effing finally!) I can work with this wave of sh*t instead of getting my ankle broken by it. Thanks fir nothing slow, lazy spectators who knew but never clicked an Em-effing e-mail link on my site (accessible from outer space actually like any order secure website) to warn me. You really must think I’m a willing slave to this instead of an unwilling one.

What happened to the “digital version of the underground railroad.” “Don’t be cowards. Pixels are impossible to manipulate: they obey Physics – always!” -Mike. ‘From now on each of you get your own custom page on my personal site.

That has dine me no good fir work it just shows everyone what to avoid offering because they can see my strengths ( and weaknesses via the info – so it’s hidden now. So start looking forward to your page. That’ll be hidden too.

I’ll handle that security personally: https://michaelwidener.com/Firstname.Lastname/ (Does anyone think I’ll use real names. Please leave this site and my Social Media voluntarily of an “insistent yes” was your immediate thought.)

Put another way: It failed to “net” because the Owner (Sole Mamaging Member of the 2016 LLC and Managing General Partner of the 2000 Federal Partnership, imported from his 1996 overseas Company, Gamescape NZ, not to be confused with SF-based D&D store of the same name at the dot com namesake thst Tim yptook Michael to visit but Michael couldnt recall it in 1996 while he was dyimg from gall-bladder poisonimg and just made a site based on whst he valued, unlnowingly recalling the name if the store withiyt remembering it existed): “Mike,” didn’t know.

No one reminded him because it wasmt until 2006 thst his memory damafe was diagnosed (expensively but worth it) and his gall-bladder poison’s impact was first tracked – although not correlated.

“Mike” has often been left in the dark about “side plans” for his IP while theories “explaining his behavior were “bandied” about. He’s become tired of explainig himself in order ro contradivt wild and unfounded negative opinions, theories, predictions, abd lately: threats. He’s getting tired and frustrated with all of this.

Who wouldn’t?

Before that we were a Partnership I killed because it stayed dysfunctional due to a minority Partner (and consummate word-smith) attempting to re-purpose my idea “for my own good.”

That doesn’t work fir brand credibility and the tactic is too old-school to play well with others: so I killed it.

Then i reported the attempt to the proper, concerned, Federal authority (because Partnership was an IRS-established Employer (that means it has an EIN from the IRS).

Foreign Offices or “Satellites” Work Sites are undergoing review starting with La s Vegas for financial and entertainer health suitability.

Work.In.Progress at 95 & Jones is our first stop in establishing a “footprint” in Vegas.

Both work sites above are now without Reception services for us so bear with us as you become used to this.

It took some time to understand the nature of each and the benefit of each and our titles for each are our attempt to represent them as uniquely as possible while acknowledging the support we have received and continue to receive.

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I am Phantom Records™ LLC Maryland
(Limited Liability Company Registered in Maryland)


Phantom Records™ LLC Nevada
(Limited Liability Company Registered in Nevada)

I am looking for new Volunteer Interns. Stay tuned for more.

DJ-mixed diaries for Music Self-therapy since "WayBack" in 1984: I call them "DJ-mixed Diaries."™