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Phantom Records™ Limited

Newly “re-paired” while maintaining, recovering, paying, pre-paying, and negotiating to pay far enough in advance to fight hackers… Thanks: Launch Workplaces out of Gaithersburg, Maryland: “Phantom” is registered as a Maryland LLC on (January 29th, 2016) and now a Foreign LLC; “Hi, Nevadans!”

The name “Phantom Records” was first registered to the Founder (“Mike”) wayback in 1988, and the logo is and still is based on an Art assignment from high school in 1986 … [hello there; how was the reunion this past Easter Weekend!?]

“Mike,” started Dj-ing in 1984, and continued registering the same name in the cities, counties, and tax jurisdictions he lived.

Foreign Offices or “Satellites” Work Sites are undergoing review starting with La s Vegas for financial and entertainer health suitability.

It took some time to understand the nature of each and the benefit of each and our titles for each are our attempt to represent them as uniquely as possible while acknowledging the support we have received and continue to receive.

Our Latest Awards, Our Most Recent Coverage, & Who I Am

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See other ‘Launchers’ rolling through the scene from the same ‘cyber-hood.’

Mike’s LUXLife, FrontPage Coverage, 2020.
Mike’s LUXLife, Global Excellence Award.
Mike’s LUXLife, Global Hospitality Award.

I am Phantom Records™ LLC Maryland
(Limited Liability Company Registered in Maryland)


Phantom Records™ LLC Nevada
(Limited Liability Company Registered in Nevada)

I am looking for new Volunteer Interns. Stay tuned for more.

DJ-mixed diaries for Music Self-therapy since "WayBack" in 1984: I call them "DJ-mixed Diaries."™