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By Phone:

First Time Callers: +1 (240) 293-0028
Live Receptionist: +1 (240) 203-8805
(Live Person: 9am – 5pm. M-F. Text 24/7.)

Headquarters Main Line: +1 (301) 847-9291
Headquarters eFax: +1 (301) 847-9292

(Team Meetings/Morning Agendas: 9am – 11am.)
(Business Activities: 11am – 8pm. M-S.)

Total Daily Contact Hours:
(Phone, Email, Text: 9am – 8pm. M-S.)

A Note About Our Hours:
Calls before 11am will go to the Receptionist who can take notes or text Staff. The Receptionist cannot interrupt morning meetings or interfere with morning negotiations or travel preparations.)

A Note About COVID:
You must wear a mask at all times. For our receptionists and other companies in our building. Even when meeting with us, on-site, masks are to be worn at all times and we’ll speak through them even though they muffle our voices. When we need clearer sound for conversation we all must choose to adopt a video-calling channel such as ours, Zoom which we offer free of charge to those meeting virtually with us.

A Note About Business Verification:

To verify our business please search the State record. Private databases “crawl” State records and store what was there the last time they “crawled it.” State records are the most up to date. (But they are harder to find. So, we have provided the link here.) To find us, please search “Phantom Records” at Maryland Entity Search to verify our filings.

Our Resident DJ:

DJ eXperience®

DJ eXperience®

DJ eXperience® (Maryland):
+1 (240) 203-7124 (Maryland Services)
DJ eXperience® (Las Vegas):
+1 (702) 518-9228 (Las Vegas Services)

Phantom Records Receptionist:
+1 (240) 203-8805 (9am – 5pm Eastern.)
(The Scheduling Headquarters for DJ eXperience®)

On-Site or In-Person:
(Please wear your Mask at all times.)

Ask for “Phantom Records:”
General Partnership, LLC, or Trade Name
(Related Entities.)

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D&B Profile Shows LLC Information Only.
COVID Has Stalled DUN Updates.

LLC (Search “Phantom Records, LLC”)
Trade Name (Search “Phantom Records”).

Our Offices:

Maryland Branch:
9841 Washingtonian Blvd., Unit 200
Inside the Launch Workplaces Bldg.
Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20878
(Second Floor)

Downtown Las Vegas Branch:
317 S. 6th St.
Inside the WorkInProgress Bldg.
Downtown Las Vegas, 89101
(Parking Available Onsite. Front Desk Has Receptionist.)

By Mail:

Phantom Records
9841 Washingtonian Blvd., Unit 200
Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20878

Via IT Support:

(Call, text, or email 24 hours a day)

By Phone/Text: +1 (240) 396-1735
Or By 2nd Phone/Text: +1 (240) 203-1808
By Email:

By eFax
(Private Faxes Sent To Us
As Email-Attached PDFs)

PDF e-Fax: +1 (240) 396-1736

By Facebook Messenger

Type into the Messenger box hovering in the lower right-hand corner of this screen. It’s blue! It goes directly to one of our representatives’ chat screen. They are not operating the chat 24/7; however your message will be waiting when they connect.

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