How Copyrights Affect Mixes


To adhere to copyright law, we only host our products using m-xCloud and Bandcamp. Mixcloud and Bandcamp pay licensing fees and online performance fees related to adhering to the Millennium Act and other copyright laws. We have always ensured that artists and music rights holders are compensated by working with licensed, digital music providers only. As the industry continues to transition, we will continue to provide legal, digital MixTape services based on the best practices and laws in effect.

Playlists on Streaming Platforms
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Our mixes are Copyright-clear. That means we’re not infringing on anyone’s “sound recording” rights or various “versions, levels, types, etc.” of copyrights. This includes “master rights, synchronization rights, mechanical rights, song-writer rights,” not even the rights of the designers who created the album artwork because whatever arrangement they had to do that part of it is either baked into their streaming commissions or they were paid in one lump sum back when their photoshoot happened in the first place. There’s no entity that tracks that that we’ve found so far or we’d reach out to them too and find out if anyone is missing in our list.

An Extremely Long & Accurate Legal Explanation of the Rest…

Our custom mix services are available using your iTunes Playlists, Spotify Playlists, Pandora, Live365, tracks listed on napkins, texts to us, or emails. Anything that can capture a list of tracks qualifies as your request for a DJ Mix if that’s what you identify as your Playlist. It doesn’t matter how you deliver a list of tracks. We’ll mix ’em. And before we play it or give it to you we put it into a platform that pays everyone involved based on that very complex set of pre-defined negotiations and streaming agreements that are already in place, and then let you hear it there, not here. That way even you “previewing” one of our custom mixes gets the artists paid.

With the way we’ve arranged our business model, you can keep that mix (so to speak), because to keep it you have to leave in a protected “state.” We don’t allow you to download it into a format that can be taken from your computer hard drive. We can’t guarantee artists will be paid for the copy that someone else plays from the one they got from you. Instead, we leave it available for you to hear, and every time you do, the artists and involved get paid all over again. You don’t. You pay an “access fee” if you want to listen to your custom mix for ever and ever. But that’s the true nature of music rights and that’s what has become of music reality in a Post-Napster world. It isn’t our making we just live by it. To keep the mix alive indefinitely will run you $2,99 a month. (That’s a low as the database computer would let us set the price, so, forgive us there… we did our best.) Then you can hear it in your car, at the beach, in the bathroom or anywhere else. (Especially at the gym if that’s the kind of mix you request.)

As you can read, What we do isn’t exactly retail. It’s a form of online retail that doesn’t have a definition. It’s a combination of “rental,” or software as a service, also known as SaaS, & “ownership” in the old way.

Back when you bought tapes, records, and CDs, you thought you “owned” them. You didn’t. You “owned” the “right” to hear them. Not the “right” to sell them and make a profit from the one single copy you purchased at retail and took home. That’s not what “ownership” meant when you purchased the music. And that’s the big sticking point in the music world which led to buyers turning on producers to get all those mp3s and grab sound files of their favorite artists without paying. They didn’t realize a lot of that was hurting the very artists they love (because they didn’t understand music royalties and payments that way), so it happened nevertheless. Now that very many people should know that, we’re better now, right?

As laws changed to combat this, explanations still lagged behind. Today, then, what you have is streaming. What we do is create a private stream. It’s something akin to a VPN but for your custom mix only. Excuse me, let me take off my IT hat: VPN stands for Private Virtual Network and it’s a way of having a secure “tunnel” through the Internet (today called ‘the cloud’) so you can securely transmit something without having it intercepted. That’s the idea.)

By doing this we limit who’s listening to you, and aren’t reselling any music because we’re not giving it to you and we’re not letting anyone intercept it grab a free copy. Because the “stream” is the channel, and we don’t play the whole thing until your event (or by scrubbing through it so you can hear select moments to verify what you want), we haven’t released it. We’re auditioning it the way an Artist runs a soundcheck. We have to know about your Internet speed, whether it’s loud enough for you on your end, your latency, and other factors. There’s only one way to know that and that’s to just play it across the magic cloud and let you confirm it’s playing as expected. (You can test all you want but creating baseline by doing this makes you able to troubleshoot later if something goes wrong during the real thing. And we have that covered. And it’s as easy as a button-press. It just means a human has to actually do something which isn’t all that bad but we’re perfectionist so we’re trying to avoid that. You know, make it “contact free.” But you can press a button, or have one of our Staff there to run the show and they’ll do that if the feed goes ‘dark’ or the qualify ‘wobbles.’

All of this is technical and just know that our DJs have been doing this for decades and doing it in a digital world is simply an evolution more than a leap of faith. Ask for references or read reviews if you like. But the easiest way to know more is to schedule a free consultation here, or to call us. Actually texting us very very effective.
Can’t wait to hear from you!

That said, once a custom mix comes out, by that we mean once it’s done on our end enough to let you hear it, we can stream it to you directly from our workstation. We can even do that while we video-chat with you. Like a Producer and their Artist, you’ll work with us on any fine-tuning and we’ll either, do it as you say it, or if the changes are more substantial, make note of them and do it later.

Of course, as much as we’d like to let you change our mix as much as you like, that takes time. And time costs resources (a gentle way of saying “money”). So, we can’t do that. But we believe, that if you think of us as making a custom mix for an event, the way DJs make those mixes, you’ll be happy with the result.

Here’s why: when DJs made mixes for BBQs, gatherings, and  birthday parties because parents or Birthday gals & guys asked for them, the DJ (who usually worked at either a radio station or a nightclub and knew the requestor from before their career), worked on that mix in the “downtime.” Then, just before the party, or event, the DJ would drive the mix over on a cassette tape. These days, it’d be a Compact Disc (depending on your country) or a very long mp3 file, or if you’re really playing around with sound qualify, a Beta (video) cassette or VHS cassette. (Yes, they work too. And sound great.)

If you compare our service to that, which doesn’t let you customize the mix beyond giving the DJ an initial list of tracks (and receiving the mix just before the event without even hearing it first), you’ll be more than satisfied with outs. (Plus… you can hear ours already if you’re into the genres we have playing online here.)

Let’s get you some music during this time of pandemic for either you, your event, your children as reward for starring at the screen during remote learning or making up their beds at night. It matters. It helps. We hope to hear from you soon.

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