DJ Mixes

DJ Mixes

Our DJ mixes are sold digitally to adhere to copyright law. This is the only way to check a buyer’s music collection to see if the buyer already has a track purchased from iTunes. We do not sell compilations.


Compilations are collections of tracks usually put together by a recording company or a listener based on a particular mood or purpose. For example, they are popular as wedding keepsakes. Compilations, by convention, are organized by genre, time period, tempo, or as a time capsule of a memorable experience. Also by convention, compilations are comprised of separate tracks, played one after another, with short silences in between, and are never “beat-matched.” If a compilation has “DJ-mixed,” “beat-matched” transitions between tracks, it is no longer a compilation.


Mixtapes are usually promotional and include DJ announcements during the tape. Also, they are known to promote exclusive track versions or exclusive remixes only available on the mixtape. We sometimes call our mixes mixtapes when talking about them because our customers sometimes refer to them this way (and because our DJ, Michael, refers to them this way).


Bootlegs are mixes that are not sanctioned by a record label; and they have not gone through licensing with iTunes. They are popular and prevalent, however, we do not sell bootlegs because – and putting it bluntly – they are illegal. We call these mixes “Underground Mixtapes.”

The Difference Between Our DJ Mixes and “Underground Mixtapes”

Our DJ mixes (or DJ mix sets) do not include DJ announcements or exclusive remixes. They include commercially available versions, and in particular, versions available on iTunes.

This is necessary to ensure the buyer has, or is buying, all of the tracks in our mix so that the only part they are paying us for is the service of mixing the music instead of for the tracks themselves. Believe it or not, when you buy a mix from our site, our shopping cart distributes your payment into two pieces: one for us and one for Apple. You are buying the tracks from Apple and the mix service from us.

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This keeps our service legal and helps us support the record labels, music artists, fine artists, graphic designers, and Apple during the buying process. Phantom Records is always interested in protecting both sides of the buying process: you as a consumer and the parties responsible for creating and publishing the music you buy.

Royalties and contract agreements are upheld because those agreements are already arranged between Apple and the music rights holders before the music is available for sell on iTunes.

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