To our Clients: We heard your feedback! Here are the automatic payment buttons you requested. These buttons will establish or modify your recurring or one-time payments depending on which button you click. To use these, find the one that applies to your service, and use it to pay using any major credit card, PayPal account, or bank account. By the way, you don’t actually need a PayPal account to use PayPal as a payment method. You can complete your purchase entirely without ever using or creating a PayPal account.

Payment Note…

These are convenient because the button stores the “amount” of your payment and includes a description that will go into your PayPal transactions list if you use a PayPal account. For those that do not, the description also appears on your emailed copy of the invoice so you can find it easily by searching your email inbox. You always get a record of your purchase, with or without a PayPal account.

Monthly Maintenance Subscription

There are five maintenance levels: See the drop-down menu for descriptions.

Please choose your Maintenance Level below…

Maintenance Note…

Note: If you are changing your maintenance level, simply choose a different level and that is the amount that your recurring payments will “switch” to. We know the service level associated with each amount and will automatically adjust your service accordingly.

Monthly Design Subscription

There are three design levels: See the drop-down menu for descriptions.

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Design Note…

Note: This applies to you if you are one of our customers working with us on a monthly basis to build your goals into your website, or to add new features on an ongoing basis. Typically, a website is designed as a “project.” This means creating the scope, a plan, and then sticking to it. This alternative “service model” offers more flexibility for building, modifying, re-designing, or “overhauling” your site. Although there are limits based on the amount of your monthly payment. “Development,” for example, is only included at higher rates not listed here.

Business Communications Package

This service includes an enhanced “physical world” identity system. An “identity system” is the combination of your business cards, letterhead, email signature, logo, and matching color palette on any web-based sites or profiles associated with your business.

Technical Support
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This service is fundamental for any new business that wants to establish a professional online presence. We often think of an online business as a website. While that is critical, what happens when someone calls the phone number listed there? That’s the question this service answers. It also covers email and linking that to your domain. There are many “small pieces” to this that add up to highly professional functionality and highly modern workflows for your calls. They won’t know any of this, of course. They will simply appreciate how easy it is to either a) get in touch with you, or b) leave a message with a well-thought-out, and efficient, voicemail system or live person (depending on what level of our communications package you pick). To experience what we mean, call one of our numbers. You can find them on our Contact page (also linked above).

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