A Tiny IRS Lesson...

Phantom Records "General Partnership" is a Federal government entity (an IRS entity) that amounts to a national Trade Name or DBA. We use this entity to conduct research with the goal of generating revenue. We do not conduct direct business or sales using this vehicle because the research is so involved it isn't feasible to do both with one entity, additionally, the risks involved with digital music are too high to be left in such an entity without liability protection.

We also use the General Partnership (GP) because it separates our research activities from our Marketing and Sales activities, which separates our sales-taxable filings from comparatively simple filings. This separates the collection of trade secrets that produce our products from the sales strategies we use to sell them.

We are a fairly transparent company family in explaining how and why we take the approach we take. Yet we are highly private in trade secrets, tools, and in-person interactions within our digital production labs or on-the-job activities. We hope this gives you an understanding of our values and helps you recognize an honest business family from a pure marketing pitch.

More About Our Sales Business...

Our sales entity is Phantom Records, LLC. It began in 2016 in Maryland. We started that to begin moving out of research into digital and physical sales, where physical sales with digitized DJ-mixed music were to be legal. In many circumstances in the United States, it actually is very not legal. We know this and avoid doing it for that particular reason. What's interesting to us is the number of resources it took to find out where the legal lines are drawn and where they're open. Our investment in finding those lines produced an adequate ROI for a startup business doing something innovative by modernizing and monetizing the conventional tradition of making "mixtapes."

Today, our LLC invites you, if you are a DJ, to join us. Fill out the form below so we know you exist, and we'll offer two basic services that are profit-sharing in nature. That means we invest in you as a DJ, and you cooperate with us in getting your DJ Mixed product to us in ways we can promote it. Once we have that part organized, we'll use our resources to put your mixes in a position to generate passive income. If you're interested in live performances for DJing, we'll share resources for that or create your profiles ourselves and either run them or turn them over for you to run them yourself. It really depends on whether you're a full-time DJ who manages your own workload or a part-time DJ who only has time to enjoy the actual craft of DJing, not the business side. (Yet you're interested in the expansion which does bring some business into the picture and that's probably what's either a sticking point or simply a point of confusion altogether.) So, fill out the form and we'll get in touch. Shortly, we'll add back our account management portal so you can see your information by logging in and create a fun profile with your Avatar image and brief details for us to use in any online presence you authorize us to make on your behalf. That part is mostly for DJs who nominate us to do this part for them instead of doing it themselves.

Our Winding History...

Moving on... strap in for a long ride down memory lane: The very word "Mixtape" brings the ire of the music industry because there is a cottage industry using loop-hole ploys to profit from unlicensed music and sell them who calls what they sell "mixtapes." In turn, the word itself becomes associated with that. Further, after the fiasco with Napster, and the misguided idea that somehow music is free, peer-to-peer file sharing services sprung up all over the world, and still exist, for "sharing" anything digital, and it only in the United States, that heavily programmed, anti-infringement digital means have been implemented to back-trace and find digital hijackers and file suits against them for digital theft.

This first volley against Napster didn't succeed until one of the Artists, filed a direct suit and won. One of the problems in U.S. victim law is that in order to win a case against an aggressor, basically speaking, the victim has to be strong enough to bring the action, whether that be in actuality (filing the case and going into a court or complaint scenario and winning) or via a Third-party in the case of a lawyer-supported action. Either way, the victim has to relive and discuss in detail that which pain them. Inherently, the more painful the aggression, the less likely the recourse. This is why third-party attempts to stop Napster all failed until a direct victim, an Artist (who shall remain nameless but you can Google who), file a suit and won.

That's when Napster shut down and several others opened up. Then they shut down and peer-to-peer file sharing went 'underground" in the United States and wide open in other countries without Intellectual Property protections such as those that exist in the United States. We are the tastemakers for so much of the World's popular entertainment imagery and it is only due to a lack of diversity that our footprint isn't as large and ubiquitous as it should be.

More and more cultures who live and visit here are taking leaves out our an American-made collection of styles and genres of music, dance, and video to create their own culture-infused versions of our entertainment to tribute and celebrate their own cultures, both here and where their families still live. It's not a competition; it's imitation; which means flattery, not an insult.

However; from a monetary standpoint, one must consider that if you don't embrace this widening of entertainment in a diverse way, you can and will lose market share and that will result in lower reach, revenue, and profit, and in some cases, closure of the business.

Phantom Records, LLC focuses on a model that invites diversity in ways that are trade secrets to us and that are intended to, and have already made a difference to customers who are legal and technically focus group members.

When we test a product, we don't bring visits in and ask them to stay for a few moments or hours to discuss it and then allow them to leave on the assumption that's all they have to say. You cannot understand the impact of something like music by taking notes about a listener's experience after they hear it one or two times. It takes the listening virtual shelf-life of the music to find out what its impact has been.

For this reason, our "focus group members" have been with us for over a decade. We know who they are and they know their role. We also know the ramifications of allowing them to hear our work and the ramifications of them sharing it. They cannot by contract. Enforceability, while not legally our responsibility if our process for encumbering them to a clear agreement not to infringe on music or copyright law, is not high. However; in this music climate, ethically speaking, and because of Napster and the other foreign cousins of its, it is actually astronomical.

How do we deal with this? Very simply. We do not work with strangers and we do not invite individuals to become focus group testers whom we don't know from completely separate areas of life so there is already a trust-bond relation within which to lodge the music testing venture and feel assured the tester is not inclined to violate it. It does not pay; it's two-way enrichment.

You can read more about us below this section and find out about our evolution (organized by Team Member) on our Team Page. You can Contact Us on our Contact page. There are other pages that explain other topics to give you a better understanding of the music eco-system we live in and to intimate why we would, after learning all of this, decide to focus exclusively on developing areas of professional growth for DJs only instead of finding Artists and signing them and attempting to earn revenue by selling their music.

Under-represented DJs...

We believe DJs are an under-represented, miscategorized, and very-exploited sector of this industry whose contribution is so commonplace in quantity, that the "Industry" at large ha confused that with "commonplace" as in low value. It's the opposite. That's how many people are devoted. They deserve a label. Where is that one? It's right here. Please look around to learn more about the different kinds of mixes, like what's a mixtape compared to a compilation and how copyrights affect all of this.

Preamble to A Mix...

Here is what with the main ingredient in all of this - music. Our most current DJ Mixes, as we now call them due to the stigma of the word "Mixtape" (which has nothing to do with us - but is a reality nevertheless), are peppered throughout the site. To hear one, you'll need to click on the image of one of the Artist cameos you see to the left side of each page.

Additionally, and recently, we learned of audio-intercepting software aimed at stealing music as it played from our site so we locked it. Now, in order to hear it, you'll need to rely on our chosen delivery platform, MixCloud, to hear it. Simply click through, then follow the prompts to get to the music. We will add a link to the App in order to make this short path easy.

Below is one of our recent collections of tracks and is as old as it is because after we make a DJ Mix while conducting research we must go back and continue standing up e-commerce support for transacting business around it while protecting the music itself. That gets tough on an ongoing basis, as our example about attempted audio hijacking from this site demonstrates.

Some digital music retailers simply don't care about that. But we do. So, to protect the Artists you love, and the Artist's supporting cast, be sure to work with streaming music or purchase your music and provide it to us to make a Custom Mix. Otherwise, you can provide a Playlist (from however you make them), without the music, and leave it to us to obtain it. We'll pass those costs on to you and explain to them; however, your pricing will still resemble what everyone is used to for paying for a DJ by the hour. The only difference is that we can do it in 24 hours and "beam" our performance to wherever you are or be there for a date-specific event, like a wedding, all the same.

The DJ Renaissance...

Today, Phantom Records™, General Partnership, and Phantom Records™, LLC are working together to bring innovative streaming DJ services to families and private gatherings during this time of the pandemic. We are uniquely specialized to do this because our delivery model for online streaming delivery has been in place since 1996, and our resident DJ's interest and skill-set have been in action since 1986. It's only since returning from his 13th country of travel around the world that together, with partnerships, our resident DJ, DJ eXperience®, began the long process of learning the remaining skills to bring together mixed music and software development to deliver DJing this way.

How COVID-19 Made Us More Relevant...

COVID-19 has hastened our launch. We never expected a need such as this would arrive so unexpectedly or with such a worldwide loss of life.

While we are heartfelt and, as Artists ourselves, empathetic, we also know that we must contribute to rebuilding and we may be in this for some time to come.

With that in mind, our "Contactless" DJ services take on new meaning. Although there are streaming services, our service provides Custom Mixes at an affordable rate and streamed content, either before customization, with pre-made existing mixes like the ones here, or after customization via secure Apps that work on Smartphones.

Customers can then use their smartphones to stream their purchased Custom Mix (in whatever length they request), into any sound system that accepts the outputs from their digital device. We also work over the Web.

Additionally, for larger parties, or larger events requiring particular fidelity in sound or particular wattage, we have equipment that is small in size (and very light in weight) but very full in sound. For an additional charge, we can send this equipment for the time of the event and include a return set of packaging to receive it back after your event is over. The equipment is the size of a duffel bag. (But it can blow out a window if you turn it up too loud so be sure to tell us how large is your venue so we send you the right one.)

To hear our quality, listen to the mixes on this site by hearing them on MixCloud. We sometimes allow them to play without the App, but we must be careful to avoid attempts to intercept our mix streams and in order to do that we can lock them and require an account sign up before listening.

If you arrive during one of these times, we regret it, but we have to refer you to MixCloud, our Mix Host, to Create a Login, and find us there under "DJ-Experience" (including the dash) so you can hear us. For some mixes, which are exclusive, you will need to subscribe to our "Channel" which is $2.99 for a month of access. This is how you can sample our quality for a month before choosing us to make your event's Custom Mix.

Apart from that, the rest is simply a matter of listening or reading what's here or going directly to our Resident DJ's site and booking an event. You can also book a consultation, free of charge, at his site (supported by us), located at https://djexperience.biz.

Please enjoy the mix below if it's unlocked, and have a great day. Otherwise, you'll need to use the App "MixCloud" to access it for security reasons for the time being.

What We Would Say In Transition...

You can read more about us currently, instead of historically or in relation to COVID-19 (assuming you read the section about COVID-19) below.

Our Special Playlist Curators...

Below is our most current, up-to-date, collection of tracks and features powerhouses Julia Michaels, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Zedd & Alessia Cara. We had to remove Justin Bieber because he's changing his style and doesn't want his old music playing so many places no one wants to accept his new sound (or look). Mr. Beiber has re-invented himself in the most genuine way and if you've seen any of his interviews he's no fraud. He's a musician who entered an Industry he believed was about pure music for the sake of music. Now, he's about his message and his career and he's not about playing games. If that's not a gentle way of explaining his decisions over these years then the answer is simple. Buy his albums and let him tell you from his own mouth.

As for "Eddie Sin," that's one of our personal ways of distinguishing ourselves from other Record Labels. We actually have contractual relationships with those of you that have no music experience at all besides buying music you love. (Yes, doesn't that seem strange? Hum.)

How We Met Eddie Sin...

Here is one of our Playlist Curator's mixes. You can be one too. "Eddie Sin" gave himself that name and we put it in the title of the mix you see below. He listed the tracks and, yours truly, DJ eXperience™, turned them into this streaming Mix "Preview." We offered to do it, and he wondered if we would. So we simply asked him to email us a list. Below is what we did. Due to awareness of a hacking app, we had to lock our mixes until the software is neutralized. To hear our mixes (all of them), and to defray Cybersecurity costs, we ask you for $2.99 for 30 days access to every mix we have... including the one below.

Okay, we'll unlock it so you can hear it. But click the pictures on the far left, and go to them and those are the ones waiting for you with your 30-day pass. 30 days access to 14 mixes of one hour each means 1,008 minutes of uninterrupted listening. You can cancel electronically. You don't have to hassle with contacting us.

Eddie's Mix:

To Subscribe Click Here. To skip that, or after hearing enough to want a Custom Mix, head over to DJ eXperience®'s page and choose either Maryland or Las Vegas (whichever is closer to you) and click the link to book a free consultation. After that you can use the same link to book your Event. He charges $75 an hour and gives you what you need to play his Custom Mix for you over Cellular Data waves. No WiFi necessary. (You will need to pay additional fees for large or loud speaker systems if we have to send those to you because we are "contact free" due to COVID.) Everything is explained when you use our link to book an event. There's a short multiple choice questionnaire that tells us what you need.

Our Old Homepage Introduction:

We are a Limited Liability Company and a service-based, music business that streams DJ mixes legally. Believe it or not, doing this is not straightforward. It has become so commonplace to trade in illegal copies of music and mixes that it's seldom done otherwise. That's fine with us, we can be "seldom."

Our DJ mixes ‘blend music together.’ Also known as non-stop mixes, our mixes “blend” from track to track, creating an uninterrupted listening experience. This requires beat-matching skill and incorporates timed transitions between tracks. To read more, click DJ Mixes. To ‘hear what we mean,’ click ‘play’ from one of the mixes in Streams.

We were disappointed to learn that Live 365 had shut down its service, but we were thrilled to learn that that was only a transition. We look forward to working with as many delivery platforms as we can vent as fully legal and will limit ourselves to those that area until further notice. Right now, we're on MixCloud. (Hence the pun, "home in the cloud.") MixCloud is known to pay artists, labels, graphic designers, and everyone in between because they believe all those people should be paid. Artists get their share of what you hear. The marquee hosting services we use pay complete licensing to stream the music you hear so you don't have to worry about it. That's how Justin Beiber found out his track was in our mix. It was easy for his reps to tell us he didn't want it there and we removed it in 24 hours. (As we mention in one of our sidebars.) Our mixes also have tracklists so you can link to any track playing during your uninterrupted listening experience. We will always ensure that our service pays full licensing so everyone entitled to get paid gets paid. And it seems like that's a growing trend. We're happy about that. It's about time.

Welcome to digital, DJ Mixed experiences with amazing application to purposes you probably wouldn't normally associate with a DJ Mix. Here's two small examples with big implications:

A DJ Mixed playlist based on your playlist that's permanently accessible via an App for $2.99 a month without commercials, or a mix avaialable with commercials for a monthly fee that includes access to thousands of mixes by other DJs.

Another application is in mental health and was chronicled in the NetFlix documentary "Alive Inside" showing Alzheimer's patients experiencing restored memories after their favorite tracks were played using an iPhone. We know this. We are doing this. And that is why we do what we do.

When you see that you'll see why we're doing more here than DJ performance. We are transforming how consumers understand music and monetizing the fact that Artists brillanctly make that possible.

That brilliance is the 'product' not the distribution matrix because without the impetus to do it in the firsplace, distribution woulnd't matter. In fact, as consumers, we'll suff from bad music if brilliant Artists don't share it with us with enough volume to keep us satiated instead of sharing our listening hours across 'bad' music experiences.

We are activitsts, that's true. We get it. Anyone can see that now. But if some don't read all of this, stating it will help them get the picture anyway. Talk with us by booking a Free Consultation session here on Calendly or by calling us and speaking about what we do directly from your phone or computer's VoiP Phone (or Softphone) at: +1 (301) 847-9291.

Or you could just text us if you're not concerned with us having your text-number because we know if you really want to you can get a Google Voice number and use that instead of your real phone. So we're fine inviting you to text.

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