Soak Up the Sun
(Sheryl Crow)

“Soak Up the Sun” (Sheryl Crow) DJ Mix

Welcome to Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun” MixTape! DJ Mixed music streams we make for you can sound like this mix. Click the Buy Button and Select the Number of Hours. Each Hour is @ $75.00 based on the ‘level’ you pick and you can see that by choosing the drop-down menu above the Buy Buttons. We’ll use this page’s ‘mix style’ for each stream you add to your cart from this page. To choose a different ‘mix style,’ find another page and add that ‘style’ to your cart.

Styles are always added in one-hour increments so you can just add the hours until you’ve purchased enough to fit your need. We’ll see it and contact you to confirm, and when the audition of your mix is ready, we’ll email you a link and take it from there! You can audition a party mix months for before the Party! Even let friends, co-workers, or corporate Supervisors hear the entire Playlist dozens of days in advance. And we’ll change that around. When we’re all finished your mix will be loaded and ready to go in our Streaming Platform, MixCloud. You can play it anytime. It costs $2.99 per month to store your mix in permanent ‘storage.’ If that’s not exciting enough, what if we could let you SEE the party before the party? Confused?

Ask about our Virtual Reality auditions. Those let you decide the placement of speakers and equipment for large events far in advance and actually SEE what will be where WHILE the music is playing. The skies the limit with Multimedia, VR, and yours truly, DJ eXperience®! He’s in cyberspace. Setting up your venue! We’ll be waiting! The shopping cart will take you to our calendar (Here and There) after you purchase. There you can schedule a free consultation. Everything else will be smooth sailing

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