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Welcome to Phantom. You can read more about us below this section. Before that, or instead of it, our latest news is our latest Playlist. This is our most current, up-to-date, collection of tracks and features powerhouses Julia Michaels, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, & Zedd & Alessia Cara. Hear our latest Mix supplied by Eddie Sin’s Playlist. Eddie Sin listed the tracks and yours truly, DJ eXperience™, turned them into the streaming Mix “Preview” below. Check it out!

About Us

We are a Limited Liability Company and a service-based, music business that streams DJ mixes legally. Believe it or not, doing this is not straight-forward. It has become so common place to trade in illegal copies of music and mixes that it’s seldom done otherwise. That’s fine with us, we can be “seldom.”

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We specialize in making mixes from your existing music collection. We do this by making a mix of popular music you probably already have, and then by searching to see if you do. If you do, we reduce the price by the number of tracks you have. If you have all of the tracks, you can buy one of our mixes for $5.00, paying only for the service of mixing, instead of the price of each track on top of that.

You can get an idea of our quality by going to our Streams and clicking a gray ‘play’ button. To see our track listing, go to a mix on our Streams page, find a mix, and reveal its list. To read how we adhere to copyright law, click Copyrights. To make a custom mix, go to Login, click “Register,” and create your custom playlist that we mix for you. Custom mixes start at $49.99 each plus the price of each track you don’t already have from iTunes, plus a $125.99 charge to verify that your music collection was legally purchased through iTunes. The verification cost is explained next.

The cost of verifying that your tracks were legally purchased is its own expense: $125.99. Once your tracks are verified, you can purchase mixes without additional costs to verify new track purchases. This only applies to tracks purchased through iTunes. We do not verify tracks purchased on physical CD or via other online outlets. These tracks are not eligible for use in our mixes. Verifying music authenticity is not an easy task. We were happy to absorb the cost while LegitMix, our former mix hosting service, carried the programmatic burden of verifying your music collection. Now that that service is closed, we have little option but to transfer that burden to you, the music listener. If you aware of a “LegitMix alternative” you are welcome to suggest it, in lieu of the verification fee, and if we use it for your mix, we will waive your verification fee.

To buy a mix “legally,” go to our Streams and find one you like. Click the “verify my collection” button to verify your legal right to buy one of our mixes. Pay the verification fee of $125.99. Payments are accepted via PayPal. (You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.) Follow the instructions you will receive via email.

About Our DJ Mixes

Our DJ mixes ‘blend music together.’ Also known as non-stop mixes, our mixes “blend” from track to track, creating an uninterrupted listening experience. This requires beat-matching skill and incorporates timed transitions between tracks. To read more, click DJ Mixes. To ‘hear what we mean,’ click ‘play’ from one of the mixes in Streams.

About Our Two New Homes In the Cloud

We were disappointed to learn that Live 365 had shutdown its service, but we were thrilled to learn that that was only a transition. We are returning our mixes back where they were and will place the link when we have. During their transition, we moved our mixes to both The Future.FM & MixCloud so you could know that artists, labels, graphic designers, and everyone in between were still getting paid their share as you listened. All three of the hosting services we use pay licensing to stream the music you hear so you don’t have to worry about it. Our mixes also have track lists so you can link to any track playing during your uninterrupted listening experience. We will always ensure that our service pays full licensing so everyone entitled to get paid gets paid. And it seems like that’s a growing trend. We’re happy about that. It’s about time.

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